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A new report by FairVote sheds light on the positive impacts of ranked choice voting (RCV) on candidates and voters of color. The comprehensive study analyzed 448 RCV elections over two decades, revealing key findings that highlight the benefits of this voting system.

From increased support for candidates of color to the avoidance of vote-splitting, the report breaks down RCV's use as a powerful tool for improving representation across the board in elections.

For example, the report spotlights the New York City, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, and St. Paul city councils. Under RCV, the majority of the seats in these councils are now filled by people of color.

More states, counties, and cities

RCV is the fastest growing voting reform in the country. FairVote reports that as of November 2023, the voting method spans 50 jurisdictions across the nation, including 2 states (Alaska and Maine). Combined, these areas are home to over 13 million people.

More states, counties, and cities will take up RCV's use in 2024, including Nevada -- which could become the third state to use RCV for statewide elections if voters approve the Final Five Voting measure that combines its use in general elections with nonpartisan primaries in November.

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